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Absolute Discovery Technology Research and Development Team focuses on producing tools which support productivity improvements and ease of data review for clients in two core areas – development of software solutions for clients facing unique structured and unstructured data challenges, particularly in the area of analysis and review of data which would otherwise be unreviewable using available tools – and producing software for the legal, regulatory and compliance industries to support specific tasks in dealing with client data.

Some of our projects include:

Absolute Discovery Document Management System –

Our customizable document management system designed for departmental / satellite office / Project document management. Fully indexed, text searchable, documents in multiple original formats. Built in document viewer allows documents to be reviewed within a single environment, customiseable tags and notes and saved searches provide an effective working environment for users with either cloud or local instals availale. Granular security priveleges and access rights ensure data is suitably protected.

Absolute Discovery Document Management System is currently testing within a number of our clients with further developments to follow. 

Absolute Discovery eDiscovery Reporting Suite –

Our fully customizable eDiscovery Reporting Suite allows clients to dynamically tailor reporting on data throughout the discovery process. Reports, input data, output formatting, etc. can all be fully customised to ensure that clients have the information they need in the format most appropriate to the project and task at hand. Moving away from the limitations of standard reporting towards project/task defined reporting supports faster, smarter decision making. 

Absolute Discovery Document Formatting Tools –

Our formatting tools ensure that users can produce large quantities of documents to a uniform format, ensuring that data meets production requirements without the time and cost of manual formatting. These tools are specifically designed for Microsoft Office documents, including Excel workbooks.

Absolute Discovery Print Solutions –

Our automated large batch printing solution allows users to filter, sort, format and print large electronic document sets without the need to handle each document on an individual basis. This productivity tool helps our clients to save significant time and ensure uniformity of quality and format of hardcopy documents produced from Microsoft Productivity tools, PDFs, Image files, HTML files, etc.  

Absolute Discovery Document Data Capture Tools – 

These tools are created on a case by case basis to automate the capture, organisation, filtering and production of data from one format to a specific required alternative. These tools have enabled our clients to pursue business models with rich, detailed, organised information which would have been otherwise to costly to capture. 

Please contact our Team if you have a development need.